We are all faced with the prospect of rising energy costs, and the never ending list of reasons the energy companies find to justify their next round of increases.  It can feel like you have no control over the bill that drops through your letter box or the direct debit that disappears from your bank account each month.

We at Sangamo want to help address this situation and enable you to save money whilst taking back control of your energy costs.

We have an ever growing reserve of energy saving tips, information and advice – all proven to reduce your home’s energy consumption and costs.  We also keep you abreast with the latest energy news via our website and social media channels.

To help you put our advice into action we offer you innovative, economical and easy to use products that save you money and energy while maintaining your comfort levels.

With over 60 years of energy control experience, Sangamo has achieved a well-earned reputation for supplying high quality products, delivered promptly, with on-line and telephone support.

Sangamo have very close relationships with local universities and these strong links will ensure that we continue to provide you with the latest products focused on saving you money and giving you the control to make your home energy efficient.


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